Ingredient Rice & Grains

Cheap and cheerful kedgeree

This recipe is perfect for the days following Christmas – when the chaos is over and you need recipes that require minimal work.  I’m planning on making this on Boxing Day, hopefully with the bounty from a fishing trip

Stir-fried beef with tropical fruit

Amie’s first recipe contribution was her Dad’s steamed pork and now she brings another delicious Chinese recipe. This recipe is a beautiful example of the compatibility of salty, succulent beef with sweet delicate fruit

Spinach & pea risotto

There are very few things I buy from the great banks of freezers at the supermarket.  If I’m feeling particularly indulgent (and this is a rare occasion) I will surreptitiously sidle up to the ice-cream section, withdrawing the darkest chocolate…

Rice, orange & black olive salad

Inspiration for this salad came from a wee gem of a book which I picked up at a book fair several years ago held in a great old hall attached to the Anglican Church down the road from us.   I…

The fastest dinner in the world

I remember standing in Croydon’s Vietnamese eatery in inner-west Sydney and listening to my sister’s friend Kelly talking about the fastest dinner in the world. He went on to tell me this modest meal would make his young daughters squeal…