Ingredient Spices

Non traditional vacherin

A traditional Vacherin dessert is created by layering meringue disks with crème Chantilly. It gets its name from a cow’s milk cheese made during the cold winter months in France and Switzerland; the colour and shape of vacherin cheese compare to that of this dessert. In this non-traditional vacherin

Spicy chorizo, chickpea and tomato soup

Winter for me starts with soup-making motivation stirred by the first sight of the new season veggies. I make a huge batch which is then either eaten as lunch and dinner for the next few days, or frozen in an…

Chai tea

I am an avid tea drinker.  Not of powdered leftovers packaged into tea bags masquerading as tea.  Oh no – only tea of the lose-leaf variety can be found on the shelves of my kitchen! It is the ritual of…

Chilli chocolate brownies

After falling in love with chilli dark chocolate, I thought what better way to warm up a gloomy winter Tuesday than to make some chilli chocolate brownies for morning tea? Well, the warming effect was certainly intense! My first attempt…

Mulled red wine

Nothing warms you up more than a spicy glass of mulled wine. The divine aromas of citrus and spice coupled with the pungent smell of warmed red wine draws you in and then the taste and warmth of it on your tongue makes every sip a flavour experience. I really love the star anise; it [...]

Thai chicken salad

This post deserves a special introduction. It is our first guest blog post. Its author, Sarah Woollett, played an important role in the realisation of this project, contributing advice, tasty recipes and unwavering encouragement. Sarah is an incredibly competent and knowledgable cook and here in the studio we were lucky


This recipe was written by a former colleague of ours Karen O’Neill. Karen has moved on from Fisher & Paykel after six years as the product evaluator for cooking products. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable—we certainly learnt a lot…

Chicken cashew curry

When we decided that we would launch the blog with celebrations as the theme, I knew immediately that I would share this recipe. It is one which reminds me of happy times, of friends and family squeezed around the kitchen…

Garam masala

Garam masala is a mixture of spices found commonly in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine. The ingredients that make up Garam masala vary from country to country and region to region. Don’t be tempted to cut corners by buying Garam masala from the supermarket. Take the time to make it from scratch