An ode to ham – Part Three: The best ham sandwich

Photographer: Emma

What could be more perfect than a sandwich with ham, watercress, aioli, fresh rocket pesto and crispy fried garlic on grainy bread?  It’s the 1st of January and if you have stored your ham safely (see Laura’s tips on how to get the best out of your Christmas ham in the Leftover vegetable torta recipe), it should still be okay for delicious sandwiches.

I do feel a little silly blogging about a sandwich but this is the kind of food I like to make and eat on holiday.  If you don’t like the sound of my fillings, please replace with your own – I would love to hear what your favourite combinations are!


Watercress (but you can use rocket or baby spinach instead)
Crispy garlic or onions (I buy this from an Asian supermarket in a little plastic container; alternatively, you could fry your own)
Multi grain loaf


1. Cut bread and spread one slice with aioli and the other with pesto.
2. Arrange ham, watercress and crispy onions or garlic.
3. Eat sandwich.