Apple shortcake

Photographer: Kurt
Serves 8

When it comes to desserts at Christmas, and yes there are usually multiple, this is the big one. I don’t remember a Christmas that has passed without Nana’s apple shortcake and the battle it incites. The recipe itself is simple and the final outcome rather unassuming but really moreish, especially the corners – well some might say that. For in our family there is a pecking order and very often a fight for the corners of the shortcake. One year my aunt even went to the trouble of making four smaller shortcakes so the number of corner pieces was quadrupled, totally eliminating the centre pieces, much to the dismay of those like myself who secretly enjoy them the most.


125g butter
125g sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
250g flour
400g stewed apples
2 tbsp milk (if required)
Icing sugar to dust on top.


1. Cream butter and sugar, add egg then sifted flour and baking powder – add a little milk here if you need it to bind dough together.
2. Split the mixture and roll out half onto a baking paper lined tray (about 1cm thick).
3. Drain any liquid from the cold stewed apples, so the base does not go soggy. Then spread apples over base. Leave about 1cm clear around the outer edge to stick the base and top together.
4. Roll the remaining mixture onto a piece of floured baking paper, make it the same size as the base.
5. Lay the dough on top of the apple and press the base and top together.
6. Bake at 150˚C for 40 minutes or until the dough is cooked through.
7. Serve with a big dollop of whipped cream.