Grilled banana with coconut caramel sauce

Photographer: Kurt
Serves 5

I first came across the idea of cooking desserts on a grill when I was in California a couple of years ago for the launch of one of our grills. To me grilling was always associated with meats, chicken and vegetables, but I had never really considered cooking sweets on the grill: looking back, I was mistaken!

The flavour combination of the grilled bananas, caramel sauce and coconut flakes is absolutely delicious. For me this recipe is a perfect way to start my lazy Sunday as an indulgent breakfast or as a perfect finish simple sweet and delicious finish to a cookout.


Grilled Banana
12 ripe bananas
Grapeseed oil for brushing
Toasted coconut flakes, crushed peanuts and lime wedges to serve

Coconut Caramel Sauce
100g light palm sugar
300ml coconut milk
20g butter
Juice of ½ lime


Grilled Banana
1. Preheat the grill to medium heat
2. Remove the skin from the bananas. Brush bananas with oil and put them on the grill, turning occasionally, until golden and soft (10-15 minutes).
3. Serve the bananas on a plate and drizzle with caramel sauce, scatter with coconut and peanuts and serve with lime wedges and extra sauce for dipping.

Coconut Caramel Sauce
1. Spread the sugar in a large pan over medium heat and cook occasionally until golden and melted.
2. Add coconut milk (watch out for the hot caramel spit), stir to combine and cook until thick and syrupy (12 minutes).
3. Set aside slightly, then add on butter and lime and stir the mix.