Breakfast pizza

Photographer: Emma
1 pizza serves 4

I recently got married (I had to drop this major life event into a post eventually) and an extremely generous gift-giving-group made up of an aunty, an uncle and cousins gave us a kitchen aid mixer. For the last few weeks I’ve told anyone who will listen: “I got a kitchen aid mixer!” followed by “I mean we got a kitchen aid mixer”.

I’ve made brioche, hot cross buns and pizza dough. No more kneading dough in my household, I just sit on the kitchen bench, lean back with my arms folded and watch my (I mean our) beautiful new appliance with her shiny dough-hook-attachment in action. I love her; she is cinnamon with a hint of sparkle and she is perfect – I may even give her a name.

She’s whipped up the lightest, fluffiest meringue and mixed the perfect cupcake batter; her potential is beyond my imagination.

Luke doesn’t get it yet but he will – it may be when he next jumps on the scales and sees the effects of my recent increased output of baked goods.

This recipe is a recreation from something I regularly eat at a local Auckland market. This breakfast pizza with a strong coffee or fresh juice is the perfect Sunday morning breakfast when you are feeling a little slow or tired.

For the pizza base, make up Lauren’s BBQ flat bread recipe.


For the dough
BBQ flat bread.

For the topping
1 can baked beans
3 sausages, filling squeezed out (I used pork and fennel)
6 eggs
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 ball buffalo mozzarella
2 cups rocket

To finish
1 cup basil
Black pepper


1. Make up flat bread as per Lauren’s BBQ flat bread recipe.
2. Fry sausage meat in a pan then leave to cool.
3. Roll out pizza dough and lay on a baking sheet or pizza stone. Pinch the ends up so when you crack the eggs they don’t run away.
4. Spoon the baked beans in patches.
5. Scatter the sausage and cherry tomatoes over.
6. Crack the eggs straight onto the dough – approximately 3 eggs per pizza.
7. Tear the buffalo mozzarella up and place over the fillings.
8. Scatter the basil and rocket and place into an oven at 200ºC or onto your BBQ with an element on medium-high with the hood down (or even better – into a pizza oven!).
9. After 10 – 15 minutes the topping should be cooked, just check the base is cooked (slightly browned). Remove and cut with a pizza cutter into large squares. Top with cracked black pepper and fresh basil.