Brunch eggs

Photographer: Emma

Looking around for inspiration for our Easter recipes we noticed that for many, Easter is a time layered deeply in tradition and festivity and for others, it can be very relaxing.  Easter weekend for me is at home or at the family beach and rather than an elaborate dinner, it is a casual brunch. 

Eggs are a good source of protein and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals.  They have been given a bit of grief over their cholesterol content however this is mainly the yolk so if you have been recommended a low-cholesterol diet, just use the white.

If you can afford it, buy free-range eggs.  The birds have been exposed to a life predominately outdoors – having access to shelter, sufficient food and water and protection from predators.  Look for SPCA-approved eggs where chickens are raised on accredited farms.

A few tips about storing eggs:

  • Store your eggs in the refrigerator at 3ºC-4ºC, with the pointier end facing down (the air sac is in the larger end, and this will expand as the egg ages).
  • Keep eggs away from strong smelling foods as egg shells are porous and the egg may become tainted.
  • It is a good idea to bring eggs to room temperature before using them ESPECIALLY when baking.

Easter eggs do not have to be of the sweet variety, get creative with breakfast, brunch or lunch and do it at home to avoid the holiday surcharge (see below for the simple egg recipe I cooked for this feature).

Here is a recipe for soft-boiled eggs with butter and vinegar, served with a lemon and thyme potato rosti and salad greens:


lemon zest
fresh thyme
black pepper and rock salt
melted butter
butter and olive oil for cooking

Soft boiled eggs with butter and vinegar
white wine vinegar

Salad greens to serve


1. Partially cook potatoes in the microwave, then once cool, grate and squeeze through a tea towel to get the moisture out.
2. Add lemon zest, thyme, black pepper, rock salt and a little melted butter. Heat oil and butter in a frying pan and once hot, cook spoonfuls of the rosti mixture.
3. When the rostis are cooked through and crispy, transfer them onto a paper towel to drain off any excess fat.
You can also use rostis as the base (instead of bread) for eggs Benedict, or top them with hot smoked salmon.

Soft boiled eggs with butter and vinegar
4. Soft-boil an egg (for 3 minutes, from boiling point). Crack the top off the egg and add a tiny knob of butter and a couple of drops of white wine vinegar. The butter, vinegar and runny-egg make a sauce which can be spooned over the rosti and salad greens.