Cedar Plank Salmon

Photographer: Adam
500g makes 6 rolls

This recipe is inspired by a trip to the Christmas markets in Bonn, Germany last holiday season. As we walked around the market visiting little cottage like stalls wonderfully illuminated by strings of Christmas lights, we came across one with smoke billowing from it. On closer inspection we discovered a welcoming open fire with rows of bright orange salmon fillets staked out on well charred planks of wood. Once the fillet was cooked it was delicately flaked off the skin and placed in a bun with a creamy herb mayonnaise. The salmon was some of the best I have tasted, and the stall was easily the warmest on such a cold winter’s night. So while there is still a bit of summer left in NZ, get down to the beach and have a go at this simple treat, and don’t be shy with the mayonnaise! For the mayonnaise I added a little dill to the great mayonnaise recipe post by Kate click here to view.


1 large salmon fillet, pin boned with skin left on
1 jar of herb mayonnaise
2 sprigs of dill finely chopped
8 nails
1 cedar plank (untreated)
1 hammer


1. Stake out the salmon on your cedar board with the nails.
2. Balance your board with salmon attached over the fire – any way you can.
3. Turn the board halfway through cooking, to make sure the fillet is evenly cooked.
4. Warm your bread rolls on rocks around the fire.
5. Combine chopped dill to a portion of the mayonnaise.
6. Once the fillet is nicely coloured and the flesh flakes away easily its ready to go.
7. Slice your rolls lengthwise across the top and place a good portion of salmon in, with a big dollop of mayonnaise.