Champagne & rose granita

Photographer: Emma
Serves 10

As a child, one of Mum’s favourite summer-time desserts to make was strawberry granita.  Though I am sure granita is not what we called it back then.  I can still clearly recall the smoothness and the deep red blush of the pureed strawberry, the citrusy notes imparted by the addition of the lemon juice and the texture of the wee strawberry seeds which would lodge themselves in the crevasses of our little milk teeth.

Though I am yet to make Mum’s strawberry granita (roll on summer and the seasons bounty), this version is also beautifully delicious and I can assure you will soon find a permanent place in your freezer.  There is something strangely magical about the way these ingredients marry.  The first time I made it Sara threatened to lie down on my kitchen floor, spoon in hand, scooping blushing pink mouthfuls straight from the freezer.  At the end of a long hot day I suggest you chill yourself a dainty glass, generously pile it high with champagne and rose granita and pour over a shot of good quality gin.  Enjoy!


1 cup water
1 cup white sugar
¼ cup dried rosebuds (Optional. If you don’t have them you can leave them out)
750ml champagne/sparkling wine with a pink blush
¼ cup rose water
2 lemons
rosebuds to garnish (fresh or dried)


1 Combine the water, sugar and rosebuds in a saucepan over a medium heat and stir until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and cool completely. Discard the rosebuds.
2 Add the champagne(we used fraise/strawberry), rose water and zest and juice of lemons to the sugar mixture and pour into a shallow tray.
3 Place in the freezer until frozen and scrape with a fork ever30 minutes to form ice crystals.
4 Serve in a chilled glass with a sprinkling of rose petals.