Frozen yoghurt and ice cream sundaes

Photographer: Emma

I thought I was really clever with this recipe – serving up a healthier alternative to the traditional ice cream sundae.  But as Rhylee, (our model and chief taster for the day) took her first mouthful, her wide, excited eyes narrowed and her smile disappeared.  She looked at me sideways and said “oh……is this yoghurt”.
 I immediately thought “oh no, my Jamie Oliver do-gooding attempt to change treat food into healthy, nutritious food has backfired – this how he must have felt trying to improve England’s school dinners” (although my experience was maybe on a lesser scale).
But as Rhylee started choosing toppings and creating her own sundae masterpiece, I think I was forgiven. 

In future, I wont try to trick my young consumers – especially when they, like Rhylee are smarter than most 20 year olds. 

Since making these I have had more topping visions; coffee beans, shaved dark chocolate, passionfruit pulp, marshmallows, chopped pistachios, gingernut crumbs. Basically, go to the bulk bin section of the supermarket and go nuts.  

Most kids will go for the sweets first, so just have one sweet option and the rest natural.  If the kids aren’t into the other toppings at all, you may want to have a rule that at least 3 must be used (although I don’t have kids so don’t know if this will work!).


Frozen ice cream-yoghurt
500g vanilla ice cream
200g Greek yoghurt

Licorice allsorts
Frozen blueberries
Slivered almonds, toasted
Sunflower seeds, toasted in honey
Granola, toasted in honey
Coconut thread
(you can use whatever fruits, nuts, seeds, sweets, chocolate you like)


1. In a food processor or cake mixer, combine the ice cream and yoghurt. Place into an air tight container and freeze.
2. Toast almonds, seeds, granola etc. Cut up sweets. Defrost frozen berries. Place toppings into bowls.
3. Take the frozen yoghurt out of the freezer 10 – 15 minutes before serving as it freezes pretty solid. Spoon into bowls and add toppings!