Imperial Stout Affogato

Photographer: Kurt

Beer and ice cream? To some people this is going to sound like a horrible waste of beer – or maybe a horrible waste of ice cream – but it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you can find a pairing you like.

To round out our boy’s day out link here we stopped off at the local watering hole in Oamaru. Scotts Brewing Co. is down just past the historic quarter and has a tasting room attached to the brewery. We were fortunate to even have one of the brewers stop by for a chat and walk us through a flight of all their beverages, finishing up on a special release – Tar Pot Mary. This whiskey barrel aged Imperial Stout has rich flavours, a dry finish, and little bit of warmth from the 10% ABV. The affogato idea (we also tried a beer float) was born of wanting to turn this into something to finish a meal without mixing it with anything that was going to take away from the dark malts, smoke, oak, whiskey, and liquorice flavours we were picking up.

Likely to work with any big, bold porters or stouts. Maybe a Belgian Dubbel, Fruit Lambic, Dunkelweiss? Find yourself a tame beer geek or a homebrewer and see what they think. Have fun.




Ice cream
Chocolate Flake


1. Take a good vanilla ice cream.
2. Pour over a measure of beer.
3. Stick a flake in it and Serve.