Joe’s Cheese Rolls

Photographer: Kate
Makes a big ole pile

Our new friend Joe has been hanging out with us at the Dunedin office for the past few weeks, getting a taste of a ridiculously good Dunedin summer whilst simultaneously gathering knowledge for his Masters Degree at Victoria.  Joe is back in Wellington now but we are hoping to see our new friend again soon as his learning continues.  ‘Let us know when your coming back Joe, I’ll get my Grandmas Lamington recipe out for you!’ Jokes aside, here is Joe’s take on his ‘Our Kitchen’ experience…

As an intern at Fisher & Paykel Appliances I have spent my summer months researching future kitchen living spaces, interested in an enhanced dining experience at home from an appliance-based perspective. My research is part of a Master of Design Innovation Degree in Industrial Design currently being completed at Victoria University.

Having been brought up in Wellington I was slammed with southern stereotypes the moment I arrived in Dunedin, with Utes, gumboots and Speights signs on every corner. However one southern delicacy left me stumped, the mysterious cheese roll. Visions of a weirdly crafted cheese scone came to mind, so when the guys at Fisher & Paykel caught wind of this, there was no going back.

Joe completely opened himself up for this challenge.  I had set aside some time to have an informal chat about the blog, our workplace food culture and to share my thoughts on the role of the kitchen in the home today.  Joe and I agreed we could chat and cook some tasty treats for the blog so I planned a fantastic chicken salad and some cherry tarts to keep us out of trouble.  Somehow (the exact details escape my mind now) as I was jotting down the shopping list it became apparent Joe was a cheese roll virgin – the poor soul!  There was no way he was going to leave the south without having this experience so with a snap of the fingers we were ready to stop, drop and cheese roll.  Joe was impressive for a first timer…he whipped up about one hundred like a right trooper.  I did suggest to Joe that we could set him up with a bicycle adorned with a beautiful Fisher & Paykel oven on the back and he could bike around campus peddling a thriving little business.  I think that was when Joe figured out I’m a little nutty. – Kate


500g grated tasty cheese
1 tin evaporated milk
1 pkt powdered onion soup mix
1/2 finely chopped onion
1 tsp mustard powder
1/4 cup cream
1 loaf white bread – sandwich slice
Melted butter (for serving)


1. Heat in microwave for six minutes, stirring in between time.
2. Cool and spread onto bread.
3. Roll into cheese rolls using three folds.
4. Set out on a baking tray and cook on Fan Grill on the middle shelf until golden, then turn and continue to cook until nicely golden on both sides.
5. Brush with a little melted butter for serving.