Kids’ pizza

Photographer: Adam

Simple right? Everyone loves pizza, especially kids. They can have fun getting covered in flour while rolling out the dough and show off their individual flare when it comes to toppings. Not having kids of my own, I borrowed a couple of cuties, Oscar and little sister Estella to help out. Our kids’ choices of the day:

Oscar crafted a cat-faced pizza with sweet little cherry tomato eyes, roasted red pepper mouth and roasted yellow pepper whiskers.

Estella carefully considered her composition: a perfectly placed piece of salami, topped with a heap of ham and cheese right in the centre of the dough.

Both our kids, like many children their age, avoid the colour green when it comes to vegetables. So I popped a couple of grated zucchini into the tomato sauce. Once the sauce is cooked down and blitzed for a couple of seconds the vegetables fade into the background, waiting to be eaten by the unsuspecting.

Check out this link to the dough and tomato base sauce recipes from our earlier pizza blog recipe and, as for the toppings, well a little of what your kids like and a little of what they don’t like but is good for them (of course carefully disguised!).





Our kids liked:
Cherry tomatoes


Tip – brush the crust region of your pizza with a little olive oil before cooking. This will give your crust a golden brown finish and you much amusement as your little chefs use their highest level of concentration (tongues out) to complete the task without going off the edge of the pizza base!