Malt Shake

Photographer: Jordan
Serves 12

The milkshake, and its bigger brother the thickshake, are part of a long lineage of specialty milk drinks that most of us will have a memory attached to; similar to Grandma’s watery Milo after a sports game or the first latte bowl at your city job in 1997. For me, malt shakes are a reminder of a bakery in my hometown that would use excess non-diastatic  malt powder to blend into their own special drink. I was always a big milk drinker, but the subtle savoury, almost yeasty flavours were strangely addictive.

For my shakes I don’t like to sweeten anything beyond what’s already in the ice-cream, but if you have a sweet tooth a touch of honey is great. For those counting calories any of the milk products can be low-fat, and if you want to thicken things up substitute the ice-cream for crushed ice when blending.

This week our friends at Kiki Beware were kind enough to lend us their tools. A big thanks to Mel & Sarah for the double-shot espresso shakes every Friday and letting us borrow your things!


Malt Powder
2 cups dry milk powder
8 tablespoons non-diatastic malt powder
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder (optional)

2 small scoops vanilla ice cream
300ml milk
6-8 crushed roasted almonds


1. Whisk together the malt, cocoa and milk powders and sieve into a mixing bowl. Transfer this into an airtight container and store at room temperature.The mixture will remain fresh for a year.
2. Using a tall mixing cup add the ice cream, milk, almonds and three heaped teaspoons of malt powder
3. Using a hand blender or mixing stand blend the ingredients until the consistency is thick and even.