Miso and tuna wontons

Photographer: Kate and Jess
10-12 as canape

Over the Christmas holidays I totally over-dosed on fresh tuna. Seared and covered in black pepper, Szechwan stylee [http://ourkitchen.fisherpaykel.com/recipe/simons-szechuan-tuna-with-sesame-slaw/] and, when it is as fresh as it gets; completely raw, soaked in a miso marinade on top of a crispy little wonton.

Down here in the (relatively) deep south, my favourite fish is blue cod and then secondly, tuna. My first experience of raw tuna was living in little old Raglan which is located approximately 40 minutes west of Hamilton. We had friends over for pot luck (which then turned into an epic summer party). My friend Kelly’s dad had been out fishing all day and came back with the biggest tuna I have ever seen (ok, ok, the only tuna I have ever seen), she turned up half an hour later, with the most beautiful tuna fillet, sliced so thinly it was translucent. She paired it simply with some wasabi paste and that was all it took – I was hooked.

You should to allow 90 minutes to make this recipe and it needs to be eaten immediately.



1 large, fresh tuna fillet, thinly sliced
20-30 wonton wrappers

1 tbsp. miso soup paste
1/8 tsp dashi stock
2 tsp Japanese mayonnaise
2 tsp sugar

Japanese mayonnaise


1. In a bowl, add the miso soup paste ,1 cup hot water and mix in the dashi stock, mayonnaise and sugar. Allow the mixture to cool.
2. Once cooled, place your thinly sliced tuna into the marinade (you might need a larger bowl) cover in glad wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour
3. Meanwhile, gently shallow fry all your wonton wrappers – I cut mine into a triangular shape
4. After for 1 hour, remove the tuna from the marinade and cut into tiny squares (1cm x 1cm)
5. I served mine as a starter on a plate, but as a guide; 5-7 pieces of tuna per wonton, a small dot of Japanese mayonnaise and a sprinkling of micro-greens.