Summer brings bounty of many things.  My herb garden has become so prolific now that I have learnt that so long as you water regularly, the more you cut them, the more they grow!

This mayonnaise is a recipe from my good friend Annabel’s mum.  This stuff is downright legendary.  As a teenager when I visited Annabel’s place we would dip just about anything in it, spread it on our sammies, and dare I say it, I definitely licked the knife!

So to put a smile on your face at lunchtime, trim your bushes and fancy up your sandwich with this little beauty.


-- 4 eggs 1 tsp salt 1 ½ cups of fresh herbs (I used mint, Italian parsley and tarragon) ½ cup white wine vinegar 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp seeded mustard (optional) 1 crushed garlic clove (optional) Zest of ½ a lemon (optional) 3 cups rice bran oil


-- 1. Put all ingredients except oil into food processor. 2. Process until well mixed. 3. Add oil in a thin stream while processor is running. 4. Chill for 30 minutes. 5. Transfer to a clean jar and store in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

3 thoughts on “MRS WILSON’S HERB MAYO”

  • I can’t get enough of any mayonnaise that strays off the norm. This one is as you say ‘legendary’

  • Hello,

    I haven’t been reading your blog for long but really love it. I made this herb mayo on the weekend and it was so satisfying – it looks exactly like the picture, as super easy to make and is delicious.

    In fact, I mashed some into eggs today for lunch. I’m so bored of lunch so have set myself a challenge this week to make good ones. Your blog is an inspiration!

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