Pulled pork sandwiches

Photographer: Emma

If you haven’t tried pulled pork before, you must and ideally as soon as possible.

I used a Jamaican Jerk paste and massaged it into the pork before slow cooking it for over 12 hours – and when I say “used” I don’t mean “made”, I mean “opened a jar”.

Typically I would make my own rub but I have next to no experience in Jamaican cooking so I bought a Jamaican paste intending to use its ingredients list as a recipe.  The man who sold it to me at a food show exuded an infectious kind of happiness, one which I secretly hoped would rub off on anyone who ate my pork sandwiches.  I don’t know whether it worked  but there was unanimous appreciation when I provided lunch that day.

After about 6 hours in the slow cooker there was a lot of liquid, which I drained off and then finished cooking dry to crisp and caramelize the exterior.

This is the ultimate sandwich filling but would be delicious on a salad or in soft shell tacos with fresh pineapple salsa and guacamole.



A large pork shoulder roast
Spice mix/Rub/ or fresh garlic herbs and seasoning

Fresh crusty bread

Your choice of sandwich fillings, I used:
Baby rocket
Swiss cheese
Smokey tomato relish


The day before
1. Rub pork liberally with spices, herbs, seasonings etc.
2. Place in slow cooker and cook overnight.

On the day
3. Pull pork into small, stringy pieces.
4. Match with your favourite sandwich fillings in crusty bread.