Photographer: Adam

I have spent many a cold winter in the states, thanks to my obsession with the cold, white stuff, and in that time I quickly developed a taste for the great campfire treat our American friends call s’mores. On many occasions, during a bonfire evening, where we were wrapped up warm and surrounded by snow, a pack of marshmallows would be revealed. These would be duly roasted over the fire before being smashed between graham crackers and chocolate to provide a warm sweet treat.

Graham crackers aren’t as easy to come by inNew Zealand(although available in some specialty stores) so I used Digestive biscuits as a substitute instead. We were lucky enough to have Kate’s homemade marshmallows (click to view) which made all of the difference! The intense raspberry flavour brought out by toasting these to a golden colour was something I haven’t experienced from store bought marshmallows.

A favourite with young and old, what better excuse is there to sit around, enjoying the warmth a campfire brings?


A packet of marshmallows (Kate’s recipe or store bought)
A packet of Digestive biscuits (or Graham crackers if you can get them)
A block of thin milk chocolate squares (Donovans, Lindt, Hersheys etc)


1. Toast your marshmallows over a fire.
Use a skewer or green stick long enough to keep your hands away from the flames.Toast until a golden brown colour, or depending on your tastes – rare to well done(on fire..)
2. Place a square of chocolate over your biscuit or graham cracker
3. Slide your toasted marshmallow off the end of your stick onto the chocolate.
4. Place a second biscuit over the marshmallow to create a ‘sandwich’ and then squash it a little
5. Enjoy!