Photographer: Emma
Serves 10

Tiramisu’ is possibly the most well known and much loved of all ‘dolce” Italian recipes. When we think of something sweet with an Italian flavour, Tiramisu comes to mind. Every Italian’s obsession with dark and beautiful espresso, which is the key ingredient, gives this recipe a rich and beautifully rounded flavour. It can certainly help to perk up even the dullest of days.

Tiramisu’ literally translates to “lift me up”. So the quantity and quality of the espresso is important to ensure this dessert is perfect. The coffee began more like an infusion, really light in flavour. But now it is a lot more robust and as most Italians will tell you, there is really only one way to make it… Strong, Dark and Short!!!

Here you can find the traditional recipe but remember to be creative with your food… some tips to make it even more tasty is to add slices of strawberry in between the layers, or maybe flakes of dark chocolate. Anything is possible as long as the first bite leaves you in no doubt of the key ingredient that makes this beautiful dish SO good…… COFFEEEEEE!!!!!


6 egg yolks
120g sugar
500g mascarpone
400g lady finger biscuits/Savoiardi biscuits
1 1/2 – 2 cups coffee (good quality)
Dutch press cocoa to sprinkle over final layer


1. Separate the eggs and yolks into separate bowls. Add 60g of sugar to the whites and beat until stiff peaks are formed.
2. Add the remaining 60g sugar to the egg yolks and beat until pale and fluffy.
3. Gently fold the egg yolk mixture into the mascarpone then add third of the egg white mixture to this egg yolk/mascarpone mix and gently fold it in. Then add the remaining egg whites and fold in again until just combined.
4. Make the coffee and pour into a shallow dish (you will dip your ladies fingers into this to let them soak up the coffee).
5. Take a large rectangular serving dish and begin to make your tiramisu. Dip enough ladies fingers into the coffee to line the bottom of the serving dish. Now spread over a layer of the creamy mascarpone mixture. Continue layering the ladies fingers and mascarpone until you have used up all the ingredients. You want to finish with a mascarpone layer.
6. Finally sprinkle the top of the tiramisu with a generous layer of cocoa. Put it in the fridge for an hour or so as this allows all the coffee and mascarpone to soak into the biscuits.