White Sangria Ice Pop

Photographer: Kate
Serves 8

Although for many of you the festive season is all about getting cosy, wrapping cool hands around a mug of hot toddy or possibly wrapping warm hands around a nice glass of red to offer it the same gesture.  Here in  New Zealand the long days are here, we are just warming things up for our summer festivities. These pops are my new take on the Summer of Yum pop but this time a special version for grown ups!  I literally skipped through the office to the kitchen like Julie Andrews when my brown paper package tied up with string arrived.  This package contained one of my new favourite things – a bottle of Matawhero Chenin blanc, loaded with delicious notes of stonefruit, oh yes, so completely summer.  What was even more exciting was that I was about to put one favourite thing into another, it’s like a Turduckin for the ladies and to be honest based on a few underground experiments at the office the blokes have given it a double thumbs up too.

Try serving these Sangria Ice pop’s at your next summer party or as a Christmas aperitif. A delicious and fun twist on the notion of dessert wine.


1/2 bottle dry white wine (I used Matawhero Chenin Blanc)
1/2 cup simple syrup
Juice of one orange
1 cup chopped fruit (I used strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate, nectarine slices and raspberries)


1.Combine wine, simple syrup, and orange juice in a jug.
2.Place a selection of fruit in each mould.
3.Fill mould with sangria mixture.
4.Place lids with sticks on the moulds and freeze overnight.
5.Dip the pop moulds briefly into lukewarm water and carefully slide the pops out.